Careful! Hundreds of Millions of INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, and YOUTUBE Account Data Leaked in Cyberspace

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Are you an active Instagram user? Or often update TikTok? Maybe also watch YouTube a lot, yes. Well, if you often use these three applications, now is the time to check the security of your accounts. Because there are reports that say that our data in these three applications has the potential to be harvested and stolen by hackers.

According to Express UK, social media security researchers have advised millions of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube users to double-check their personal information on social media. Most probably have not implemented two-factor authentication or two-factor authentication which is a layered security for our social media accounts.
Without this security, hackers can easily get into our social media accounts. What's worse, once he enters, it's not just about social media that we will be tampered with to post something like a prank. But hackers can also harvest our personal data on these social media. Starting from the phone number, e-mail, to perhaps our home address and credit card number.
The British research team led by Bob Diachenko said that as of August 1 yesterday, there was a data leak that had the potential to have a negative impact on millions of accounts on the three social media. There are at least 235 million profile data exposed, ready for cybercriminals to retrieve at any time.
According to their findings, there are at least 100 million accounts on Instagram whose data is less secure. Followed by 42 million TikTok account data and four datasets for 4 million YouTube users. These figures were released by Forbes some time ago.
Why are they called unsafe? Because these accounts include not only phone numbers and e-mail addresses. But it is also recorded to have at least a real profile name and a real profile photo that can be misused. The real name is certainly often used for important documents. Real photos can also be misused by hackers by scanning our faces.

Personal Account Security Tips on Social Media

But this doesn't mean we have to just use an anonymous account, okay? Entering personal data into social media accounts is also important for purposes that we may not have imagined. For example, law enforcement is needed to track down, maybe the person is a criminal and is on the run. The data will be very, very useful.
However, we are reminded to regularly check our social media accounts. Implement layered security, so that if a stranger tries to penetrate our social media, at least we will receive a warning and can anticipate it by changing the password immediately. Hopefully our accounts are all safe, yes. (*)


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