Be Careful of Data Theft Via Update Story, This is Data That Should Not Be Shared

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For Millennials, sharing everyday stories on Instagram stories has become a habit that is hard to break. Especially with the presence of the Add Yours sticker which is currently popular. Unfortunately, many are not aware that sometimes, what is shared to stories is data that should be private and not shared with many people.

Maybe some of us argue that we have used the close-friend feature so that the data you enter will be safe. But, how sure are you that the people you include on your close-friend list can be trusted?

The Importance of Personal Data for Data Thieves

Some of us may ask, "what is the importance of our personal data for other people?". For information, stolen personal data can be used to gain illegal access to your various assets, such as bank accounts, digital wallets, to being registered with illegal applications such as illegal money lending. This of course will be very detrimental.

What Personal Data Can Be Abused?

Then, what kind of personal data is most likely to be misused by irresponsible people?

According to the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), there are several examples of personal data that can be misused and potentially cause harm.

First is the name. It may sound trivial, but sharing your full name, childhood name, and mother's name on social media is not a wise thing. This is because some important documents, such as bank accounts, require the mother's name for verification.

Then other data that you are also not allowed to leak are identity numbers, personal addresses, and information on personal property (SIM, Passport Number, Vehicle Number Plate, etc.). In addition, information technology assets (IP Address) as well as biometric data such as fingerprints, retina scans, etc.

Then how to avoid misuse of personal data?

Kominfo urges the public not to be easily tempted by things that are trending. You should think carefully before you follow the trend because your personal data could be misused.

Then, do not share or provide personal data to anyone claiming to be from a certain party. Also, if you get a call from someone suspicious, immediately hang up and block the number. Finally, save your personal data properly.

In addition, if there are messages or emails containing suspicious links, do not open them. It could be that it redirects to a phishing website or application to misuse personal data.

Remember, not all current trends have to be followed. Always pay attention and study carefully the trends that are currently popular. If it means divulging your personal data, you should not follow it.(*)

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