5 Prohibitions in Saudi Arabia, Everyone Must Know

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People walk in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo/REUTERS
RIYADH - Saudi Arabia is known as an Islamic country in the world that implements Islamic law. In the life of the state, the government of Saudi Arabia also stipulates several regulations that are different from other countries.

The following are some of the prohibition rules that apply in Saudi Arabia. Anyone who wants to come to the country must know.

1. Prohibition of Adultery

Saudi Arabia prohibits adultery. This applies to all citizens of Saudi Arabia without exception.

The punishment to be given to the perpetrator is the death penalty. According to Saudi Arabian law, a person will receive the death penalty after being convicted of adultery and there are 4 adult male eyewitnesses who witnessed the act.

2. It is forbidden to trade dogs

It turns out that trading dogs in Riyadh is a violation. In Islam, dogs are considered unclean animals so Saudi Arabia forbids these animals from appearing in public places.

In addition, these rules are used to avoid pride and masters towards dogs

3. Drug and Alcohol Ban

Drugs and alcohol in Saudi Arabia are illegal. This desert nation imposes severe penalties for the import, manufacture, possession, and use of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Anyone who deals with drugs in this kingdom will be responsible for the fines given, prison sentences, deportations, up to the death penalty.

4. Do not use external speakers more than a third of the full volume

Recently the Minister of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abullatif bin Abdulaziz Al Sheikh issued a circular. The contents of the circular are an appeal for mosques to set the volume of external speakers to no more than a third of the full volume.

Based on information from The National News, the circular discussed the issue of loudspeakers interfering with prayers at several nearby mosques.

This is of course based on concern about the use of external loudspeakers during prayers that affect vulnerable people, the elderly, and children around the mosque.

5. Ban on Women Wearing Tight Clothing

Launching from The Week, women in Saudi Arabia are required to dress modestly. In this case, do not wear tight clothing and see-through materials.

In addition, wearing heavy makeup is also considered inappropriate.

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