Simple and Effective Strategy in Running and Managing a Convection Business

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Business strategy is important for factory and home-scale convection businesses. You must prepare a business strategy since starting a business. We try to summarize a number of business strategies commonly used by convection business people.

Home Production (Home Industry)

Limited capital may be one of the obstacles to setting up a convection factory. Therefore, we can use our homes as a place for convection production. We just need to arrange the room so that it can be used optimally.

One of the many advantages when we start a home business or home industry is a small tax. We can also get labor from the home environment. So that the existence of the convection business that you live brings blessings to all the neighbors around.

Collaboration With Big Convection Business

Convection does not only produce all its own products. We can just collaborate with a bigger convection company. We can create clothing order agreements with large companies to work on some orders from our customers.

For example, we make an appointment can or can complete 200 stitches in a week or more.

When the product has been processed, you will deposit the results of our activities to the large convection. However, we should not always rely on the work of other companies.

The disadvantage when we rely on product workmanship from other convection is, when the order is quiet, your business is also quiet. Because of this you have to outsmart it by creating your own product that has a high selling value.

Become a Wholesale Agent

When we are experts in the creation of finished products, we can develop a diversification of the products we have made. One of them is to create a retail store.

One way is: sell your product at the lowest possible price so that it can expand into a wholesale business. The greater the quantity of products sold, the greater our chances of finding orders.

The product you sell doesn't have to be a finished product. We can also sell semi-finished products. For example, plain t-shirts. We can offer t-shirts to distro entrepreneurs who will become our clients later.

Internet Promotion

Use the internet as an effective promotional medium. You can reach potential buyers through the social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Always use language that is relevant to the customer when making posts on social media.

Don't forget to set up a website as the main information portal about your convection business. Think of the website as our "home business" on the internet. Prospective buyers make it easy to see how your business looks on the website.

Position your business as an online convection service that can accept orders for clothes from all over Indonesia or even internationally. Even though it's just a t-shirt convection, not a convection that accepts various types of orders, you still have to position your business in the online world.

Enter the International Market

Having a product that can compete in the international world is a matter of pride. We must have big dreams. With promotion via website or email, you will have the opportunity to penetrate the international market.

One way we can export our products is through lobbying. We can engage and lobby import-export agents so that our products can be sold overseas. We can also apply conventional techniques in lobbying matters, namely online communication.

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