Why Are iPhones More Expensive? Here are 4 reasons

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The price of the iPhone does tend to be more expensive than some types of Android smartphones. Therefore, many think the iPhone is a luxury item that cannot be owned by all people. Even so, the iPhone is still liked by many people. The high price does not make this smartphone from Apple abandoned by its users.

So, why the price of the iPhone is expensive?

As stated by the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs once said, Apple does not just create products, but this technology company wants to become a world-famous brand. Therefore, Apple always tries to create the best products for its users, one of which is the iPhone.

As previously reported by Goriber Tech, there are at least 4 reasons that make the iPhone price expensive.

1. Quality of iPhone software and hardware

The first reason that makes the iPhone expensive is the quality of the software and hardware used is very good. According to the Goriber Tech website, Apple uses quality materials for the devices it makes, so the software and hardware used can synergize well. That's what distinguishes the quality of the iPhone with Android phones. As long as there is no physical damage, iPhone users are claimed to still be able to feel the same experience as when they first bought an iPhone.

2. iPhone Security

Security is one of the main reasons why Apple products, including the iPhone, are priced high. Almost all Apple products have strict security systems, so they are highly trusted by every user.

Therefore, many celebrities and well-known figures choose to use an iPhone instead of an Android smartphone.

3. iPhone innovation

Since its inception, Apple products always come with the latest innovations and do not follow the trends of their competitors. Apple has become a "trendsetter" whose innovations are often imitated by other brands. Like the Notch design aka bangs at the top of the smartphone screen. 
Source: Apple.com
When I first introduced the Notch on the iPhone X, the design was scorned by many. After a few months, many competitors have begun to adopt the bangs design on their cellphones. Until now, Apple still maintains that design on the iPhone 13.

4. iPhone has a prestigious value

Apple products are considered more valuable and prestigious. Although the price is expensive, fans still choose products made by Apple. Likewise with the iPhone, although the price is relatively expensive, many people still want to have it in order to improve its position in society.

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