What is Website Down? and What Causes It?

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Websites make it easy for business owners to reach targets. As for Internet users, websites help them find what they are looking for. However, one problem that often occurs is the website is down. Have you ever experienced something like this?

Website down is detrimental to online businesses, especially if more and more Internet users experience it. This means potential customers or potential buyers can just walk away.

What is Website Down?

Not infrequently questions about website down are often obtained. To be able to solve the problem of a website down, you must first know what a website down is.

Website down is a failure to load or load a website so that the site cannot be accessed. Knowing the cause of these kinds of problems can help you figure out solutions and how to fix them.

A website is said to be down if it cannot be accessed completely or cannot show its main performance for users. Website downtime is a serious threat to businesses in today's world.

Website owners and managers must be sensitive to this crucial issue. Before visitors experience a website down, it would be better if the website administrator knew in advance. So that the problem will not occur in a long time and be addressed properly.

Causes of Website Down

If your website suddenly cannot be accessed, then immediately find out the cause. Leaving this problem without the right handler certainly has an effect on visitor satisfaction.

It can also have a bad impact not only on the reputation but also on the company's sales figures. Generally, there are several causes of a website down, such as:

Massive Traffic

It is true if the increase in traffic is one that is expected on a website. However, this can also be a problem especially if the traffic is booming. When this happens and the resource server cannot serve client service, then hosting can slow down. Eventually, the hosting went down.

Troubled DNS

Why is the website down? Problematic DNS can be another reason why a website is down. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, which is a system that functions to facilitate internet communication by using a URL.

In order to be able to point to the right website, DNS must be set up correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes there are obstacles and problems. When you type in the correct address but an error message appears in your browser, it may be that the URL points to another inactive website.

Cyber ​​Attacks and Viruses

Another thing to watch out for when a website is down is unusual traffic. This could have been done by hackers or malware causing the problem to arise. DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is one of the most frequent attacks.

The goal is to flood the network traffic so that it consumes server resources. Hackers don't just use DDoS to bring websites down because they have many techniques.

Are you using WordPress for a website? If it is true then another thing you should be aware of is an obstacle that can occur at any time. This also adds to the list of causes for the website to go down.

Coding Error

The wrong code can interfere with one page of the website. Worse still, it can even delete entire web pages. To mark the code on the website structure, you and the website developer must be observant. It would be better to ask someone to help double-check their coding for no errors.

IP Access Blocked

If you access too many servers, you may be suspected of carrying out a DDoS attack. As a result, your IP address is blocked by a firewall which serves to protect the server and works automatically.

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