Benefits and Effects of Backlinks on Websites

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After knowing more about what a backlink is, the attributes of a backlink and also the difference between it and an internal link, here we will both discuss what the effect of a backlink on our website, what are the benefits that backlinks can provide to your website. Come on, take a look at the benefits below!

Increase Website Credibility in the Eyes of Search Engines

Broadly speaking, it can be said that this Backlink can tell Google and other search engines, that the site/blog that we have is a site/blog that is safe and trustworthy, and also provides information that visitors really want and does not contain hoax.

So, the more backlinks received by our blog / website, the credibility of our site in the eyes of search engines will be considered more qualified. Because it gets a lot of references from other sites.

However, this is not a reference. Still quality over quantity. Backlinks that have a positive effect are those that are of good quality and obtained naturally, not by spamming in other people's website comments.

This will have a negative impact on our website ranking. In addition, if the backlinks obtained are from unclear sources, then the consequences are not good and will also greatly affect our site and our website will be considered as an obscure spam website.

Improving SEO AND SERP Quality

The number of backlinks is not the main influence on the success of a website in occupying the first page of search engines. Websites that have a lot of backlinks may not necessarily be able to beat websites that only have a small number of backlinks.

Back again in the first point, the quality of these backlinks also affects the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and SEO of a website.

Increase Website Traffic

This one is a clear benefit of using Backlinks. The more backlinks we have from various websites, the greater our chances of increasing website traffic. And that's of course from a website that gives you backlinks.

Brand Awareness

Well, this is really beneficial for us as a website that is given backlinks from other websites. Other websites that link to our website will certainly give us visibility to their audience and also with that they will be more aware of the website that we have. Other than that, this of course will also bring them into our website and see what we have to offer or other things, this can be categorized as free advertising! So, let's just say that this is a form of free advertising!

Making New Relationships

When the audience reads good content and sees a backlink to that source or author, of course they will be curious and they will easily click on this backlink to learn more about who and what content is offered in that link.

It can also create many newsletters to join our newsletter. They may connect and follow your social media profiles or they may read your blog and then bookmark it or subscribe to your RSS feed. So, this simple link can bring a good relationship between the website we have and the audience together without the help of search engines.

Long Term Relationship

The internet in today's era is a source of big data that will continue to grow and will always be accessed as a source of information by many people. If we can get high quality links that form leading directories, this will make our website a website that will continue to appear for years to come and will certainly help to drive traffic to our website.

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