Especially for Businessmen, This is How to Prevent DDoS Attacks on the Internet Network

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Small business owners need to be wary of Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attack is an attack that hackers use to target critical infrastructure by attacking network connections.

Unfortunately, there are still many small business owners who are not aware of the dangers of DDoS attacks. Recognizing the importance of protecting websites against DDoS attacks, Dewaweb began to utilize Cloudflare Magic Transit technology to increase protection on websites.

Security is an important element needed by small businesses as well as large companies. However, the problem is when small business owners are not aware of the existence of threatening attacks on the internet, such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

This attack can be fatal for businesses, because hackers will interrupt to critical infrastructure.

Anti-DDoS protection is even mentioned as one of President Joe Biden's main agenda for national security in the United States (US).

Because DDoS attacks can affect business productivity, damage brand reputation, and even network performance will continue to decline.

As a result, income or business profits are at stake. Considering that the website is now a marketing instrument for a brand, this is certainly a fear for business owners who rely on a website for their business.

Launching data from Cloudflare as of the second quarter of 2021, it turns out that consumer services are the industry most vulnerable to DDoS attacks, followed by government administration, then marketing and advertising.

Many hosting providers have decided to provide the best anti-DDoS protection using Cloudflare Magic Transit for all cloud hosting and cloud server (VPS) customers on multiple country networks.

This action also affects the performance of the internet network, because it is directly connected to the Cloudflare network in hundreds of cities and various countries.

Cloudflare Magic Transit is useful for filtering incoming connection requests to websites. The way it works, is the same as when a number of people flock to a restaurant, but buy nothing.

Cloudflare also works to ensure that these visitors are not fake visitors who will only fill resources or traffic so that it can slow down the website.

As a result, a cloudflare-connected network only takes a few seconds to detect and ward off DDoS attacks that target websites and customer servers.

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