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How to Overcome the iPhone restart continuously

Knowing how to deal with iPhone restart continuously is an important thing that needs to be known especially by the owners of iOS devices. The goal is that you can overcome this problem if it is experiencing it at any time. So you don't need to rush to take it to an official service for iPhone products.

How to deal with iPhone restart continuously

For iPhone owners, one of the relative problems often found is the condition of a device that often has restarted continuously. For those of you who also experience this problem and want to know how to overcome it, here are some choices you can try.

1. How to Overcome iPhone restart continuously with iOS system updates

The most commonly used way to overcome the iPhone device that restarts continuously is to update iOS.

The iOS system update is available, in general, it can improve the problems or bugs that occur in the previous version. One of them is a device that restarts continuously.

To update this OS system, you can enter the Settings section and then select General. If it's already, please you can choose software update. Then please wait a minute to check whether the version update is available or not. If available, please click download and install to do your iOS system update process.

2. Do the iPhone restore using iTunes on a computer

If you still experience the condition of an iPhone cellphone that restarts continuously then the other way that can be done is Restore OS using iTunes on your computer.

Basically the iPhone can be recovered completely using iTunes. This Apple official application can be used to delete and reload the OS system on the device you have.

3. Bring to the Apple center service

If the issue of an iPhone device that continues to restart is still not resolved, it does not hurt if you bring the device to the official service service of Apple products. The aim is that the device can be checked for a thorough hardware and also the proper service.

Those are some ways to overcome the iPhone restart continuously that you need to know. Now with the discussion above, you don't need to be confused anymore if you experience an iPhone device that restarts continuously.

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