How to Use Kahoot, a Fun Learning Platform

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The condition of learning, which is still mostly done online, turns out that many face obstacles, one of which is students who are less interactive. To create an interactive classroom atmosphere, of course we need a system or media that can build fun. Kahoot, a fun learning platform, can be a solution to today's online learning problems.

As a teacher, you can create a fun classroom atmosphere by taking advantage of the features of the Kahoot learning platform. This platform has proven to be successful in turning the learning atmosphere on so that students become more enthusiastic.

To be able to use Kahoot, you can do it very easily. If you're curious, take a closer look at the information on how to use Kahoot, a fun learning platform below!

The three main steps to using Kahoot, a fun play-and-learn platform:

1. Go to Kahoot Website

The first step you can take to be able to use this fun learning platform is to open the Kahoot website. You can open the platform's website at Type the URL address in the URL address search field in your browser, then press Enter.

2. Create Kahoot Account

If you are already on the main page of Kahoot, what you can do next is register to have an account on this platform. Click Sign Up in the upper right corner of the page to get started, then follow all the instructions until the registration process is complete.

3. Create Game

After successfully logging into Kahoot with your personal account, you can start a game right away. The game features in Kahoot are usually able to create fun and increase class member interaction. In the game features, you can also demo the game first. This is done so that the game that you create can be as expected.
The three ways above are ways to use Kahoot, a fun learning platform that is guaranteed to make your learning classes more interactive. Immediately improve the quality of your learning with Kahoot! good luck

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