Functions and Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

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Almost all humans today are very close to the internet. Their daily life does not escape and is always in contact with the internet, for example communicating through social media, buying goods in e-commerce, watching movies on online sites, or simply checking account balances through m-banking.

But do you know what it takes to be able to connect to the internet? Surely you will answer that you need WiFi or an internet data package, right? This is not wrong. However, there are other important factors that affect internet connection. The factor is the Proxy Server. In short, a Proxy Server is needed, one of which is so that the internet connection can be maintained stable and strong.

Proxy Server is closely related to the distribution of bandwidth to each user who uses it. If you want to know more about Proxy Server, then you can listen to the following article. Because it will be explained comprehensively regarding what a Proxy Server is, what are the functions of a Proxy Server, types of Proxy Servers, how Proxy Servers work, and the benefits of using a Proxy Server. Happy reading!

Understanding Proxy Servers

For those of you who have heard of Proxy Servers, you may think that Proxy Servers are just a tool used to allow someone to access content that is not permitted in their country. But of course Proxy Server is not that simple. It has many other complex and very important uses.

According to Wikipedia, a proxy server is a computer program that acts as a server and can be another computer so that it can request content on the internet or intranet.

Simply put, Proxy Server can bridge between the user's computer (user) with the internet or intranet. Proxy Servers can also create indirect connections between users and other networks. This is very possible because the Proxy Server has its own public IP Address.

Please also note that in its use, Proxy Server requires a virtual machine. There are many types of virtual machines, for example Virtual Box, QEMU, or VMWare. The most widely used today is VMWare.

Functions and Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

After reading about the meaning of a Proxy Server, then in this section we will explain the functions of a Proxy Server.

Securing the Network

One of the crucial functions of a Proxy Server is to secure access to a private network of users who are connected to a public network (for example, the internet). The proxy server used to secure a private network is a "Firewall".

Increase Internet Speed

Proxy Servers can perform cache functions (store copies of websites locally) on popular websites on the internet. For example, you want to access the website, the Proxy Server will check whether it has the latest copy of the site.

If a copy of the site is found, the Proxy Server will send you a saved copy of the website. That is, if there are hundreds of people who want to access simultaneously from the same Proxy Server, then the Proxy Server actually only sends one request to It can increase the speed and performance of the internet.

Save Bandwidth

Just like the explanation about Proxy Server can increase internet speed, with the same function that is cache, Proxy Server can save bandwidth. Because it only sends one request to a website that is accessed by many users at the same time.

Controlling Internet Usage

An example of the application of a Proxy Server in controlling internet usage is in a company. The company can monitor and restrict its employees from opening certain websites during working hours.

Illustration of blocked website access (source: iStock Photo)
The company configures the Proxy Server to deny access to certain websites and only allows access to websites related to work during office hours.

Maintain User Privacy

Proxy Servers can change the IP Address and other identifying information of the user when accessing a website. This allows the destination server to not know who is actually accessing the website.

In addition to using a Proxy Server, there is actually one more powerful way to maintain your privacy if you are using the internet. This method is a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

VPS can function as a private server that allows the system and network from the server to be used by only one user. If you are interested in trying to use a VPS to support internet security, then Exabytes provides a cheap VPS that you can choose according to the available budget.

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