Four Hidden iPhone Features That Are Often Underestimated

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If you're an iPhone user and have updated to iOS 14, chances are you haven't taken full advantage of all the amazing features included with the update.

In fact, in many new software literacies, it's easy to miss some of the many amazing features that Apple includes. Here are some useful additions that you usually overlook and often forget:

Customize control center

You'll probably know what 'Control Center' is even if you don't know its name. Control Center is where you get quick and easy access to useful controls like airplane mode or screen brightness.

To access this on your iPhone, please swipe down from the top right corner of the screen and set of controls, then the app will appear. You can now add icons to your iPhone's Control Center with one nice gesture.

Now that you know how to access this, I can tell you my favorite hidden feature – you can customize what appears in Control Center. Just go to Settings > Control Center on your iPhone.

Once you're there, you can see most of the controls that already appear in this menu, but also additional controls that you can include. Just click the green plus or red minus buttons to add or remove controls. Now you can access more of your favorite apps and features faster.

Easy timer feature

Speaking of quick and easy, when I'm cooking in the kitchen, I'll often use the timer feature to make sure everything is cooked to perfection, so I've added Timer to my Control Center.

If you tap the timer icon in Control Center, it will usually take you to the clock app to set the timer. However, did you know that you can simply press and hold this icon to set a timer in a few seconds?

Tapping and holding the icon will allow you to quickly swipe up or down to select the duration of the timer.

If you hold down the timer icon, then you get this smart option.

Once you turn it off, you can press anywhere on the screen to exit and you will be able to see it activated as the icon will turn white and yellow. You can access this timer again by pressing the timer icon in the 'Control Center' or going to the clock app and pressing 'timer' in the lower right corner of your screen. If you like this, try pressing and holding icons and other apps in Control Center – you'll be amazed at the other shortcuts it contains.

iphone hidden folder

You can actually hide photos from appearing in your main photo album. It's easy, tap the image you want to hide, press the box-shaped icon with an arrow pointing up in it (share button), scroll down and click the word 'Hide'. The icon at the bottom left lets you hide the photo. Once this is enabled, all your hidden photos will appear in a folder called 'Hidden' which can be found in your Photos app under Albums, under 'Utilities'.

You could say it's not hidden as you can still find and view the 'Hidden' album – so here's how to hide it too. Go to settings > photos > turn off hidden albums. Now the album 'Hidden' will not be found anywhere. Just turn this setting off or on as desired.

Features of LED flash alert

You can turn off your device's flash (in addition to a tone) when you receive a notification. This is an accessibility feature that is carefully included. To enable it, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Next, turn on LED Flash for Alerts (also enable Flash on Silent if you want LED flash alerts only when your phone is on silent).

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