TELEGRAM's Hidden Features That No Other Applications Have, Including WHATSAPP

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Telegram. Photo: Freepik/@syifa5610
Telegram has many features that other messaging apps, including WhatsApp, don't have. For example the following 4 hidden features, let's try it!

1. Find People by Location

If you want to make new online friends and expand your network, then this feature is perfect for you. Telegram allows and gives access to its users to find new groups and new friends from nearby locations around you.

But users and groups must enable this feature as well in order to be discoverable. So, if the group or user you are looking for has not activated the feature, you cannot find them.

To be able to use this feature, it's easy, please go to the Contacts tab and then give location permission when prompted or asked.

2. Slow Mode Features

If you are familiar with Telegram groups, you must know that this messaging application allows its users to add group members up to 200,000 people. With this feature, you can imagine how many messages you might get each day from just one group.

To keep users from feeling overwhelmed, group admins have a 'Slow Mode' option, which is a feature to schedule a specific time for group members before they can send the next message to the group.

To activate the "Slow Mode" feature, please enter your group and select Edit > Permissions. Then, select the duration you want at the bottom of the page. For group admins, this feature makes it easier for them to manage groups more efficiently and also remain comfortable to use.

3. Record Video Call

Besides Zoom and Google Meet, can you hold online meetings via Telegram very easily? In fact, not only can you schedule online meetings via Telegram groups, you can also record and send recordings of the meeting to any friends or colleagues you know on Telegram.

To use this one feature, press the Chat button option and click the microphone symbol. Before you use the 'Record Video Call' feature, allow access to the Telegram app to convey and send videos and images.

4. Private Channel

Telegram also offers a unique feature that other messaging apps don't have: creating a private channel that can be personalized.

As is well known, the Telegram application has a special feature called the channel feature. This feature allows users to disseminate information to anyone without receiving a response or message back from channel subscribers. This channel feature is usually publicly viewable and accessible. This feature is also suitable for users who need a feature to save any important data or important messages.

To use the private channel feature, each user may have different instructions depending on the type of gadget or device used. Briefly, how to use and activate this feature is as follows:
  • iPhone: Go to the 'Chats tab' menu then select 'New Message' in the upper right corner of the app, and click 'New Channel'.
  • Android: Go to the 'Chats' menu, then select the pencil symbol and click 'New Channel' from the list of available options.
  • Desktop: Select the 'hamburger' menu in the upper left corner then click 'New Channel'.

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