2 Easiest Ways to Restore Deleted Videos on Android!

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On the android phone, there is a lot of data stored. Moreover, if you rely on your phone as storage of important data, such as videos. Even so, there are some obstacles that you can experience, such as deleting video data. 

However, there is a way to restore deleted videos on your phone. Check out the reviews, OK!

Here's How to Recover Deleted Videos on Your Phone!

To restore videos that have been deleted on Android is very easy. You can do this in the following simple way. Among them:

1. Via Google Photos

If the video data that you saved is suddenly deleted, and you really need the data, immediately check the Google Photos app. On every Android phone, of course, it is very easy to find this Google default application.

A.Click Library

After opening the Google Photos application, then you can click on the library option at the bottom. After clicking on that option, don't forget to click on the trash delete option, OK!

B. Select the Video You Want to recover

Once you are in the library section, where the deleted video and photo data are located. Then you just have to have which part of the data to restore, by touching and holding the deleted video to restore.

2. Using File Recovery Applications

In addition to using the method above, you can still use other ways to restore deleted videos on Android. Among them by using a file recovery application. 

You just enter the application, then there you will find the main menu which is none other than Photo Recovery, Video Recovery and others.

You can directly click the Video Recovery menu. Because the goal is of course to restore video data. The application will scan automatically, once you click on the menu. 

If the deleted video has appeared, you can directly select the video to be restored, then select Restore Now, and you're done.

That's an easy way to recover deleted video data. Whether it's a video that was deleted intentionally or not. These two methods are the easiest ways that you can try yourself at home. Please try, yes!

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