Important Features in Smartwatches That Can Save Your Life

Do you often use smartwatches? At least pay attention to the following three things to monitor the health condition of the body. According to a sports health specialist. Dr. Grace Joselini Corlesa, MMRS, SpKO, Sports Medicine Specialist said that smartwatches are very important to use in the modern era.

So when asked about the benefits of wearing a smartwatch, of course almost everyone will answer that it is very useful. Both before the pandemic, during the pandemic and after the covid-19 pandemic. This smartwatch is used by all groups, especially athletes, both to measure pulse, and for other purposes in order to maintain a healthy body.

3 important things to maintain a healthy body using a smartwatch

The following are three things you should pay attention to to maintain a healthy body using a smartwatch.

1. Heartbeat

Heartbeat or heartbeat is a very important component. With a smartwatch, especially one that is used for 24 hours, we can monitor the pulse algorithm whether it is normal or not. From here, if there is an anomaly in the heart rate health benchmark, an evaluation can be carried out immediately.

For example, we exercise too much or lack of rest, this can affect the condition of a person's heart rate.

2. Sp02

Oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2) is increasingly recognized after the COVID-19 pandemic. Oxygen saturation in the blood can indicate when the body is not resting enough or something is wrong in our body.

When, for example, we are used to 96% saturation but suddenly it drops to 90%-80%, it means that there is a problem and something is wrong. It can be checked immediately.

3. Sleep and rest patterns

Sleep health not only makes the body feel fresh, but can also affect many things, including a person's hormones. Therefore, it is very important to set yourself when to rest and try to get quality sleep.

According to experience that has been widely known, apart from saturation, the woman can monitor the hormonal cycle because there is data. Especially for women who are very active, so don't get too tired. She should be able to see from how many steps her feet per day, rest time and so on.

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