How to Save Internet Quota when Using the Zoom App - The use of the Zoom application as a video conferencing service provider to conduct online meetings has become a trend during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This application is usually used for face-to-face needs, such as for seminars, meetings between colleagues, and student learning. But the longer the duration of using Zoom, of course, the internet data quota used is also getting bigger. There are several ways that can be done while using Zoom.

Here are a number of ways to reduce usage and save data quota when using Zoom:

1. Turn off the camera when not needed

This method is usually done when we join a meeting room that is not too formal or informal. To turn off the camera, select the "Turn Off Camera" option when you first join the meeting room. If we are the host, disable the camera function of other participants so that the internet connection used is reduced.

2. Turn off HD (High Definition) video quality

How to turn off HD video quality when we are in a meeting:
  • Click the "Settings" menu or Settings
  • Click the "Video" option on the left of the Settings menu
  • Disable the check in the "Enable HD" option column in the "My Video" section.

3. Use the Share Screen feature only when needed. 

So stop sharing screens when we no longer need to show presentations.

4. Take advantage of online document platforms if you want to share something, such as a presentation.

There are several services that can be used such as Google Sheets, Docs, or other services. So that meeting participants can share documents with each other without the need for the share screen feature that wastes quota.

5. Turn off the microphone when not talking. 

How to turn off the microphone automatically:
  • Open the desktop version of the Zoom application, click the settings icon in the upper right corner
  • Then select the Audio option on the left side.
  • In the Audio field, the user can check the following four options:
"Automatically join audio by computer when joining a team"
"Mute my microphone when joining a meeting"
"Press and hold SPACE key to temporarily unmute yourself"
"Sync button on headset"
  • If the four options are checked, the user's microphone will be automatically muted.

6. Use the cloud recording option, which is the video conference recording option on the cloud service provided by Zoom.

Later, the recorded video will be directly transferred to the cloud service and there is no need to re-upload it from the computer.

7. Do not use other data when activating Zoom. 

Such as streaming videos or music, online games, or uploading and downloading large files during a meeting

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