How to Know Our WHATSAPP is Blocked by Someone

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You might be wondering how to find out Whatsapp is blocked. Because, it's not uncommon for people to experience WhatsApp being blocked and don't even realize it.

There are many ways you can do to find out when your Whatsapp is blocked. Instead of being curious, you should immediately take a look at some of the following discussions.

Various Ways to Know Whatsapp is Blocked

We will provide a way for you to find out if your WA is blocked or not. WA or WhatsApp has various features that can help you in the process of sending messages. One of its features is to block the phone numbers of people you don't like.

Then, what if you are blocked, how do you find out? The method is as follows.

View Chat Timer

This marker is usually seen under the contact, where you can find the "last seen" information, complete with the number when the person was last active. However, if you are blocked then the timestamp will not be active. However, this does not apply if the user himself disables the feature. So, you can not know when he is online.

Can't View Profile Photo

Usually if you are blocked, then the photo column will be replaced with an empty frame. Just like when you create a new Whatsapp account, this is the easiest for you to figure out. However, this is still not absolute and does not ensure that you have been blocked by the WA. Because, it is possible that users only delete their profile photos.

Tick ​​One

The next way is to try sending a message. When you send a message, of course, you will see a two-tick notification when you have entered someone's WA. However, if there is only one tick, chances are you are blocked by it. Not only for text messages, this alert applies when you send videos or photos.

Trying With Phone Call

If you call the phone number, the call will fail and be diverted. This means that your phone call notification will not go to the contact of that number.

Those are various ways to find out WhatsApp is blocked. The ways mentioned above can be an indication so that you can be wiser in dealing with them.

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