How to Display All Participants of Zoom Cloud Meetings on HP

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Zoom Cloud meetings is a video conferencing application that is used for remote face-to-face facilities. This application is one of the media to communicate remotely for the benefit of meetings or meetings, discussions with office colleagues and various other activities.

The capacity of zoom participants who can take part in this meeting is a maximum of 100 people in the default version. Meanwhile, the premium zoom can accommodate 1000 participants. Of course the number of participants with so many can not appear on the screen as a whole. Then what is the solution?

Know How to Display Zoom Cloud Meetings Participants in One Mobile Screen

Zoom when used for meetings or video conferences, only 4 people are visible on the main screen. This makes the user unable to see all th yae following participants in their entirety.

So there needs to be a proper way to see participants easily. Considering that HP only has a limited screen in displaying all participants on one screen. So we need a solution in this case.

For those of you who want to try it, you should download the zoom application. If the application is already installed then you just have to try it.

If you get a meeting invitation or create your own group meeting, of course after entering, the participants will also join the meeting.

Usually zoom will show one participant who is talking either in the active speaker view window or often called the host.

The screen will only show 4 participants. Now, to display other participants, you can swipe the cellphone screen to the left. So zoom has a changed view. Eventually it becomes the Gallery View window.

So, if you want to see other participants, then swipe back on the screen to the left continuously so you can see all of the participants zoom.

Meanwhile, to see a list of the names of the participants who took part in the zoom, you can click on the participant button.

The symbol will show how many people attended the meeting. This is if it reaches more than 100 participants. You just click on the Zoom Cloud meetings screen on the symbol with a picture of a person, it will automatically open.

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