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How Does Google Adsense Work? Read the explanation

Google adsense is an easy and simple way to earn a lot of money by displaying ads on your site. With Google Adsense, you can display ads that are interesting and relevant to site visitors. In fact, you can customize the look and feel of your ad to suit the needs of your site.

This Google adsense program will provide ads which are then served by Google Ads on your site. Then, Google will pay you for the ads displayed on the site based on the number of clicks on the ad. It also depends on the type of ad.

Adsense will also provide automatic and fast sourcing to many sources of ad requests. This means that there will be better competition for more relevant ad space. The ads that appear will be tailored to the content on your site.

Then how does Google Adsense work? Here is the explanation.

You Must Provide Ad Space

The first way Google AdSense works is that you must have a site first. You can make it from a free site such as blogspot or wordpress. There, you must have a sufficient number of visitors and content content of the site that is weighty. You will later provide ad space by pasting the ad code on the site. Next, you can also choose where to display the ad.

Site will be reviewed first

Once you have a site that contains quality content and lots of visitors, you can start to be registered with AdSense. After registering, the site will be reviewed first. This review process does take a long time to reach 14 working days or more. So, have to be patient in this process.

Paste AdSense Code

After your site is accepted by the Google adsense program, the next way Google AdSense works is that you just paste the HTML code from Google adsense into the space on the registered site. There are many ways to display this adsense code. Some are in the form of text, images, or pop-ups. You have to make sure the ads that appear are relevant and what you want.
High-paying ads will appear on the site
Furthermore, advertisers who will bid on real time auctions, their ads will appear on your site. The highest paying advertisers are expected to appear on the site. The higher the quality of your site's content, the more likely you are to get high paying ads.

Getting Paid

Furthermore, the way Google AdSense works, from the adsense side will handle the billing process to all advertisers and their network for the display of ads on your site. This is done to ensure that you get paid. When the balance is sufficient, you can withdraw the funds.

The amount of one click depends on the keywords
How much is paid for one click depends on the keywords you use in blog articles. The higher the price of a keyword, the more you will get paid. Usually, articles about insurance or finance will have a high one-click fee. But that's not always the case, there are also many other keywords that have expensive prices.

That's the discussion about how Google AdSense works. By briefly understanding how this works, hopefully it will make you more confident and make it easier for you to register for Google Adsense. The most important thing is that you must first create quality content that readers will like.

Good luck and may luck always be with you..

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